Our search for inner happiness started two decades ago. Since then we followed many teachers both Buddhist and non-Buddhist, read extensively, took part in many retreats and continued with our own meditative practices. We enjoyed our lives along the way, travelled the world, did our fair share of studies, have kids who now have their own kids, and kept searching for the truth. We have decided it is time to share what we discovered with you so you will not go in the wrong direction or make the same mistakes we did along the way. We are not saying that we have reached the level of enlightenment nor discovered something entirely new, but we found out so many ways that lead us to astray from the path. Today, there are many sources to learn, many teachers to listen to, many methods to practice. But there is only one goal to achieve, i.e. freedom from suffering (conditioned state). The Buddha found it and opened the path. However, after 2600 yearsafter the teacher’s passing away, today the original message of the Buddhais not readily available to us. Layers and layers of misinterpretations crept into the original teaching. The closest version of the Buddha’s teaching is still preserved only in the Tripitaka ( the Pali Canon). Therefore, it is important to refer to the original source and seek guidance from teachers who are well versed in the Sutta Pitaka.

This is our humble effort to share the deeper meanings of the Buddha’s word as it was originally intended. Our primary source is the Pali Canon. Nothing else comes close. Nothing will. However, we will present other sources that maybe helpful for the first-time learners to enter the stream, so he or she will be ready to go upstream when they are ready.

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May you follow this wonderful path diligently, ardently, and be happy!


Indu Peiris Ph.D

Daya Sarathchandra Ph.D