Well, I am glad you are here. It is a rare thing for anyone to find happiness by going beyond material things. In order to be happy, we move away from things and people that bring us unhappiness, and move towards things and people that bring us happiness. We work, play, eat, socialise, rest, and start the cycle all over again. We renew the same experience by adding variety and surprise to our experiences.

We are like the goldfish who lives in the same tank and once in a while change the tank. Since we have shorter memories like the gold fish, we think our life is filled with many different kind of experiences, different things to explore, different things to eat and new people to meet and renew relationships. Then, one day the goldfish will realize that there is no difference between these experiences.

Today is like that day for you. You are searching for something, you seek freedom from goldfish mentality, you want to experience the reality of life. What is life? What is reality? Why do I exist? Is this world eternal? Or is it not eternal? There is an answer to all these questions. But, the answer cannot be taught using conventional means (by experiencing or by watching). The answer comes with the time, when the time is right, it surfaces automatically. Until the time is right, you have to do only one thing… that is ‘to know’. ‘Knowing’ is the only thing you can do. Know what?

  1. Know your higher level experiences (I see a rose, I hear the song, I smell the scent of a rose, I am tasting a pizza, I feel the softness of this chair, I am thinking of a rose)
  2. Know your base level experience ( I see, I hear, I smell, I taste, I feel, and I think)
  3. Understand why there are two types of experiences.

Will catch up again with part- 2. Until then explore your experiences 🙂

May you be happy



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