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This stability of the mind is developed gradually. As you have already figured out, the mindfulness development cannot be achieved without first knowing what the underlying tendencies of our experiences are. We cannot be non-judgmental to our experiences unless we know the reasons that cause our experiences, their impermanent nature, and true identity (i.e. emptiness). Once we use the correct methodology to practice mindfulness, an unlearning process is initiated within us. This unlearning process is not a temporary one, it is a continuous process that is ever present in us. This will lead to clear thinking, empathy, resilience and strong situational and emotional awareness. Our habitual unconsciously guided behaviour turns into consciously guided behavior and become capable of observing how the feelings, perceptions and thoughts arise, change, and cease based on our past identification of the similar experience’s and our interpretations of them. This unlearning process eventually settles the mind, and calm the mind until it reaches a point where every conditioned state is known through one’s own knowledge and leads to the experience of real freedom from the world for the first time, i.e. freedom from bonding to the conditioned state. Therefore, the benefits of being stress free, devoid of compulsive disorders, being free from depressions, and addiction are only a small portion of the benefits one can get through mindfulness. Start your mindfulness journey today!  


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